Baptist Deacons

Baptist Deacons

Jimmy Youree and Dennis Serratt both faithfully serve the Lord in their role as deacons.
Two deacons cleaning up after they served a meal to our family following my mother-in-law’s memorial service.

 For those who have served well as deacons acquire a good standing for themselves and great boldness in the faith that is in Christ Jesus.”

– 1 Timothy 3:13 CSB

I have had the privilege to serve as the pastor of three Baptist churches – two churches as a full-time pastor for an extended period of time (13 ½ years and 12 + years). In both churches, I have been blessed by those men who serve our Lord in the New Testament role of deacon.

My First Deacon

The first church I “pastored” was a very small rural church in Locker, TX. It had a congregation of about 10 and was set on the edge of a cow pasture that once was a thriving town. They believed their mission was to keep the doors open so that young “preacher boys” would have place to “cut their teeth” in the ministry. It was the one ordained deacon that provided steady leadership for that church. I will forever be grateful for their love and support. It was while serving this church that our first daughter was born. They showed love and compassion that went way beyond their size.

Deacon Jokes

Growing up in the church, it seems that deacons were often the brunt of jokes from various corners. I have even been guilty of a few “deacon jokes” myself (not that they haven’t thrown out a few “pastor jokes” along the way). I have also known ministers who considered the deacon body to be their adversaries in the church. One pastor told me years ago that he started the church and he didn’t want deacons because they “would get in the way.”  I had been warned that the deacons would want to “run the church.”  I have never found this to be the case. In fact, my experience has been much the opposite.

Faithful Servants

In both FBC May and FBC Watauga, I have been overwhelmingly blessed by the deacon body. These guys have been my prayer warriors and support. It is usually among the deacons that I find my best friends in the church. It is usually the deacons who are my first line of help in the ministry. In May FBC, I was challenged to share the Gospel with boldness by the example of a Baptist deacon (thank you Troy). I was taught how to lead people by another (thank you Don).

In Watauga, it has been the deacon body that leads out in visiting prospects and sharing the gospel. They serve and encourage families that have been assigned them for ministry. They lead by example when they chauffer the elderly and visit the hospitals. In both churches, the deacons have been Godly men who loved the Lord, loved the church and worked hard to serve the church and their pastor.

Simply Human

Neither deacons nor ministers are perfect. We all sin and will all make mistakes. But I am confident that these “ordained men” of the church will continue to seek and serve our Lord alongside me. Every day for most of the past 28 years, my family has been blessed in some way by the ministry and service of Baptist deacons. Though we might not always agree, I am continually reminded that we are “on the same side.” We serve the same Lord and seek to see Him rule over the church. We are all servants in a spiritual body where there is only one head – Jesus the Lord.

Serving Together in Christ

Through every struggle, the deacons of the church have been like a “band of brothers” for me as we serve the Lord together. Though we are just men and we won’t always agree, with Jesus as our solid foundation, we will press on to accomplish His kingdom purposes. I recently wrote a tribute to one of these men on this blog site. Those reflections provide a wonderful reminder of the lasting bonds that are created as we serve the Lord together.

Most of this blog was originally posted as a note on Facebook in 2011. I have revised and updated it for this format.

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