My Thoughts On Halloween

My Thoughts On Halloween

So today is Reformation Day. It is also the popular secular holiday called Halloween. What are Christians to do on this day? My mind is filled with thoughts – dissertation length thoughts, deep thoughts, and shallow thoughts – but I don’t have the time or energy to write them all down here. I won’t answer all your questions here, but I hope to provide some balance. If you don’t have time to read it all, READ the FINAL TWO PARAGRAPHS!

What I Won’t Do

I won’t turn off my lights and hide upstairs because this is “Satan’s day” and I am afraid of him. He doesn’t have a day unless we give it to him! The Psalmist cries out in Pslams 118:24 “This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” I believe the Lord who created each day and blessed me with the breath to enjoy it.

Further, Jesus tells us that forces of hell take a defensive posture when His church marches forward and the gates of hell cannot prevail against His church (Matt. 16:18). Next, I will choose not to walk in fear of Satan’s schemes. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” In summary, the only way that Satan wins a day is if we allow it. I will not “give” Satan this day. I will choose to seek my Lord’s direction in how to press forward His kingdom agenda.

Heed the Warnings

Satan does want to drag you into His world – of course not just today, but every day. It would be absolute idiocy for a believer to attend a séance tonight. We ought to avoid the sacrificing of cats, drinking of blood, and all other means of directly worshiping the enemy. Ouija boards are out and so are pentagrams. I say this only partly jesting. I have seen Christians who unknowingly walked into Satan’s traps and became entangled in His web. The devil is real and real people really do worship him year round, but especially on this night. Stay out of that garbage.

I don’t believe that precludes a believer from every aspect Halloween. Susan and I plan to hand out candy and a special tract sharing the Gospel of Jesus to every neighbor kid who comes by our house. I hope to meet a few parents and open a few doors to share His kingdom. Maybe I end up shaking hands and fellowshipping with tax-gathers and sinners. Some Christians will take a different approach tonight. I’m not too worried about it, I just want to do my best to follow my Lord’s example and spread his message of Good News. Besides, what other day of the year will I have over 100 kiddos come to my door where I can put the message of Jesus in their hands along with a couple pieces of chocolate?

Don’t let this Day be a Stumbling Block

Some Christians have been given clear convictions that they are to stay clear of this day. OBEY the direction from your Lord Jesus. He knows you best. You may have one of those personalities that would take things too far if you got started. You may have people in your sphere of influence that need to see you completely abstaining from any hint a connection with this holiday. If so, abstain. If you have had any connection with the occult or witchcraft in the past, you may be one who needs to stay home and watch the World Series tonight! I would not encourage a recovering alcoholic to go evangelize in a bar. Likewise you probably need to stay completely away from the “bad” part of this night.

What We Can’t Do

First and foremost, we (the church) cannot let our differing opinions define us and distract from His kingdom work. On social media this week I have seen earnest evangelical Christians regularly post opposing viewpoints. This is okay! Thankfully I have seen very few inappropriate arguments. It’s okay to disagree, but we must be cautious. Jesus made it clear that the world would know that we are His disciples by our love for each other – not by our doctrine.

People are Our Priority!

We must maintain balance in our relentless pursuit of the “truth” and our willingness to offer “grace.” This is tough! Some of us are prophets and teachers by nature (or giftedness) and it is our gift to hammer home “thus saith the Lord.” Others of us are more gifted with the tender hearts of mercy and service. It is our nature to love and come along side of our hurting brothers. Only Jesus was the perfect picture of both “grace and truth” (John 1:14).

I lean more toward the “thus saith the Lord” crowd, but I and the kingdom need the mercy folks. Sometimes I think that they are wishy-washy, but that comes out of their God given desire to show compassion. Sometimes, they think I am too rigid and hard-hearted. I hope they see that comes from my God given nature to preach and speak truth. The bottom line is that because none of us can display all of the characteristics of Christ by ourselves, we need each other. Jesus was the only one who perfectly expressed grace and truth, mercy and justice, leadership and encouragement. If the lost world is to see Christ on earth it will only be when we serve together, putting all of His characteristics on display to form a unified “body of Christ.”

Let’s get Busy with Show and Tell

Let’s show the world what love looks like. And let’s tell them how much God loves them! I won’t be celebrating Halloween, but I will celebrate Jesus on this day. I hope to “redeem the day” by engaging the lost (and saved) who come to my door with a smile, a handshake, and a word from God.

Happy Reformation Day! No tricks, just treats!

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  1. Pretty cold outside if you ask me…I like the whole…spread the word on any day approach…to anyone…I tend to forget that Halloween is basically satans/hells celebration day like christmas is for us Christians.its a good day/night for opportunities to reach those who come the door that ya havent met before too…

    1. Yep. The weather will keep some of the kids off the streets tonight. However, it’s still the Lord’s day and we’ll serve those who come.

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