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Wait on the Lord

Wait on the Lord

The gentle murmur of the Gros Ventre river is only drowned out by the constant chirping of the song birds. With Susan by my side and Koda resting at our feet, I sit under the shade of the beautiful cottonwood trees. The air is a crisp 55 degrees. The incredible Grand Teton mountain range is over my shoulder. It is a wonderful morning to stop, wait, and listen!

Stop and Rest

It is good to stop and rest. The Lord did after creating the world. Jesus did when the crowds pressed in looking for attention. Yet, it is one of the most difficult lessons for me to learn. I have grown accustomed to a life filled with busy-ness. Most of us only slow down once we get sick and we have no other choice. Our “work ethic” is encouraged in God’s Word, but He also reminds us to set aside time to rest.

My Struggle

Even on vacation, I find it difficult to slow down and rest. I’m in a new place filled with the beauty of God’s marvelous creation. I want to see it all. Rushing from place to place, I try to get the perfect picture of that moose or bear. I want to photograph the sunrise and sunset. I want to stay up late and take in the bright starry nights, only to rise early to rush to the next beautiful place. By the time I arrive back home, I’ve experienced a great adventure, but rest has once again eluded me. This is MY struggle.

The Lord’s Whisper

In the middle of the hustle, I find the LORD gentle whispering, “Slow down and wait on me.” Read my word. Listen to my voice. Find my rest.

So, after a battle with the flesh this morning, we stopped. Koda is glad. Riding in the truck had worn him out. As I read through many of the Psalms this morning, one phrase struck me, “Wait for the Lord.” The Psalmist repeats it twice in Psalm 27:14. Of course, my mind immediately asks, “Wait for what?” This morning the answer seems simple – “the Lord.” I’m not waiting for another experience or adventure. Those will come in HIS time.

Sit, Listen, Rest, and Wait

This morning I sit, listen, rest, write, and most importantly WAIT – experiencing the presence of the Lord in the midst of his great creation.

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart be courageous.
Wait for the Lord.

– Psalm 27:14

Why “Mountains and Ministry”?

Why “Mountains and Ministry”?

As I set out to begin this blog, one of the most difficult decisions was what to title it. So, I decided I would make that the subject of my first post.

Mother’s Day Memories

Today is Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. Tomorrow will be the first Mother’s Day I have attended a worship service with my mom since I began serving in the pastoral ministry almost 30 years ago. This is a special weekend. Two years ago on Mother’s Day, my brothers and sister were visiting mom when dad apparently had a mild stroke. He spent the next few days in the hospital before passing away on May 16th. One of my more difficult and fulfilling “assignments” from the Lord was officiating his memorial service.

But what does this have to do with a blog title? I was blessed with wonderful parents — not perfect parents. I don’t believe those exist. But I had a mom and dad who loved me, sacrificed for me, and taught me the value of hard work and sacrifice for others. They both served their community as volunteers in the local fire department and medical services.

A Man and the Mountains

My favorite memories with dad are in the outdoors. There are photos of me at his hunting camp in Colorado when I was only three years old. Of course, I don’t remember much of that trip, but it must have planted something in me. We spent many days fishing together with my younger brother, mostly on Lake Travis. He taught us to hunt with integrity, giving us a healthy respect for all that God has created. I also gained a love for camping in the mountains and the national parks as we camped all over many of the western states. As I sit in the backyard of my childhood today, I remember many days working with him in the garage and watching him haul in fish with the rod and reel that sits next to my chair.

One of the largest deer taken in Colorado in the Fall 1970.

A Mom Pointing to Jesus

Mom introduced me to Jesus. She took me to church when I was very small. It seems we were out of church for a few years. When I reached junior high age, mom began to take me to New Hope Baptist Church not far from our home. As I look back at that time, I’m guessing that mom was getting worried. My older siblings suggested that I was getting a little wild (of course, I’m sure that is an exaggeration). We hadn’t been attending very long when the Gospel pierced my heart. I remember talking to Mom about it on the way home. The next day I surrendered my life to Jesus as my Savior and Lord. It was only a few years after that when the Lord called me to a lifetime of pastoral ministry. I will be grateful for her influence for all of eternity!

Mountains, Ministry and God’s Glory

Mountains and Ministry – Dad filled me with a love for the outdoors – a love for all the incredible things that God has created. Mom pointed me to Jesus. Today, I am filled with many memories of dad. Dang it I miss him! Tomorrow, I will worship with Mom at the church where I surrendered my life to Christ. Today, I start this blog.

“The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands.

May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable to you,
LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.” – Ps. 19:1, 14